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CelebrateLAB serves as a platform for West Africa laboratory professionals to share best practices, acquire knowledge and debate innovative approaches for better diagnostic outcomes for Africans.


Agape Trainings offers training for students, healthcare workers, Professionals, organizations, and community groups.


The Liberian Nurses Association of Dallas, Fort Worth (LNA-DFW), established in 2014, is a non-profit, professional organization of Liberian Nurses in Texas working to improve the health and quality of lives of Liberians living in Liberia.

The Center for Epilepsy and Neurologic Diseases –Liberia ( C.E.N.D-LIB) was founded out of the glaring need to provide neurologic care to the people and residents of Liberia, West Africa.


The Association of Bong Miners came into existence in 1996 during the Liberian Civil War. The community of Bong Mines was horribly affected by the war. ABM is considered one of the biggest Liberian diaspora organizations.

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